Performance & Creation

Demasiada Presión: collaboration with filmmaker @hamm.present Buenos Aires 2022; choreographed in the UK, 2021; music by Dùo Fuertes-~Varnerín 2014. Visual rights reserved as an original video creation. Music reproduced with permission of the artists.
Demasiada Presión at Cambalache Milonga, Sheffield, September 2022. Music by Dúo Fuertes-Varnerín 2014. Filmed by Tango in the Peaks.
Improvisation with Rainier Pereira during the 15th birthday celebrations at DNI Tango, Buenos Aires in February 2020. Music by Haley Reinhart/Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox (c. Jack White). Thank you Stephen Aldaco for filming!
La noche que te fuiste: invited collaboration with El Cachivache Orkesta, 2020, filmed by phone in Buenos Aires between online classes and power cuts. From the album Tiempos Extraños. Gracias al Cachivache!
Little Room: Two very different lockdowns. Filmed in Buenos Aires and Herefordshire, UK in 2020-21; filmed and edited by CM. Music by The White Stripes, 2001. Visual rights reserved as an original video creation.
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