Musicality with guest violinist Gustavo Garay, DNI Tango School, Buenos Aires

“Caroline transmits tranquility; she is sweet, empathetic without ceasing to be methodical, works deeply and is demanding when necessary.”

M. M, Argentina

My aim with any student or group is always to find great pleasure and enjoyment in movement, presence and improvisation – whether within the technique and language of tango or in contemporary dance.

To dance tango feeling a full, secure connection with the floor and with your partner; to enjoy the full support of the music and all the tools it offers; to lead or follow without injury or discomfort; to unlock ease in improvisation, even in a shared social space. 

My experience as a dancer and teacher incorporates training and study in diverse disciplines, and an active investigation of the pedagogy of dance over more than 15 years. I continue training and taking classes as an essential part of my teaching life.

Private classes

“She catered for our different dance levels with ease, quickly identifying the areas for improvement, before using a wide range of descriptive, visual and physical aids to break down complicated and in-depth technical concepts.”



For leaders, followers and couples: classes tailored to your questions, needs and interests.

We will combine exercises, imagery, demonstration and verbal tools depending on the student – not everyone takes in information in the same way!


For a time our only option in the face of the global pandemic, Online classes continue to be a great option for students to access teachers across the world, from wherever they are! Particularly useful for training individual technique and musical awareness, I have also been working with couples and small groups.

“She always prepares the classes with great dedication, finding and using every possible strategy to enable understanding and incorporation of what you are learning – something which has been even more important in this period [of learning] online!”

J. L, Argentina

Musicality: Online Course

This year I had the pleasure of teaching in Vienna with Helmut Höllriegl of Tango Inside Out, working from our shared focus on accessing subtlety, feeling and expression through the music – counting and theory is not for everyone! We made a unique video series which goes into the work we covered during the week of workshops, and the first two parts are available now!

By combining our different training and experience we have created something really special. If you’d like more information on the series you can get in touch – or access them now via Tango Inside Out.

My Training

  • 6 years as a member of the DNI Tango School & Company in Buenos Aires, directed by Dana Jazmín Frigoli
  • 3 years at CETBA (Centro Educativo del Tango de Buenos Aires), History of Tango programme (social & cultural history, musicalisation (TDJ), lunfardo, music history)
  • El Intérprete_The Performer intensive programmes with Melina Seldes, Buenos Aires
  • Guest student at Espacio LEM, Buenos Aires, 2013-14
  • Vocational dance training (BA(Hons) and Choreology intensive at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London
  • 200 hour yoga teacher training, Frog Lotus Yoga, Andalusia
Tango en el Paraíso ran from 2017-2020, offering tango ‘retreats’ in the Province of Buenos Aires with beautiful accommodation, delicious catering, daily yoga classes and an intensive exploration of the DNI Tango technique. Filming & final cut by Alexandre & Dina, music by Cucuza & Tango Bardo – muchas gracias
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