BA & Europe 2023

September-November – Buenos Aires!
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December-January – UK & Europe

2022-23: Thank you!

Manchester University
Tango Gloucester
Tango Malvern
Ludlow Tango Lab
Tango Alchemy, Bristol
Tango in the Peaks, Sheffield

Dublin Tango School
Tango Inside Out, Vienna
Tanzschule Anke Schneider, Germany
DNI Tango Week, Slovenia

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Seminars & Workshops

The content of group classes can be tailored to suit your community’s interests and needs:

  • Elements & Combinations – in memorable, usable structures, danced in a comfortable and enjoyable way
  • Technique – follower/leader, or for both roles. These classes would usually begin with exercises and in-depth investigation of fundamental movements, and build towards a sequence which challenges balance, coordination and musicality
  • Musicality – focus on different orchestras, different periods, or the essential features of tango music which can help us enjoy our dancing more!
  • Choreology – a unique approach to expressiveness, musicality and flow in tango: bringing elements of contemporary dance (dynamics, directions, space and scale) to challenge your habits and bring expression to your whole dancing body, not just the ‘tango face’!

Private Classes

Classes for individuals or couples allow us to focus on each dancer’s habits, strengths and weaknesses, using the wealth of technique, biomechanics, musicality and sheer love of dance I have developed over many years!

‘Good’ technique enables us to dance comfortably and communicate well; it should always be at the service of enjoying and experiencing dance, connection, and confidence.

Smaller communities

Having grown up in Herefordshire, I am passionate about bringing diverse cultural experiences and expert teaching to rural areas and smaller dance communities. If you are part of a tango club, school or social event ‘off the beaten track’ and would like to arrange a one-off workshop, milonga with DJ or a day of private classes for your group, please get in touch!

Many touring teachers focus on established tango ‘centres’ , but as a UK and EU resident I don’t have the same time pressure over the summer; I am really looking forward to meeting your community as you come back to tango, attract new members and enjoy everything tango can offer us today!

“We have worked with many Tango teachers and Caroline is amongst the very best. 

Whether Leading or Following her advice is loaded with practical experience gained while living and teaching in Buenos Aires – her tuition is consistent, clear, precise and fun.”

A&D. Y, organisers and teachers at Tango Gloucester


Tango Café

Tango Café at Moj Korak in Ljubljana, part of DNI Tango Week organised by Primož Krajnik & Janja Frank, September 2022. Ph Rado Miklavcic

Tango Café developed from a conversation with Raúl Palladino, Primož Krajnik and Janja Frank while we were working together in Ljubljana. We love the information ‘behind’ the music we dance to – details of the lyrics, the conventions of the time, recording technology, anecdotes about the huge personalities behind the orchestras we love. All this enriches our dancing and, ultimately, our enjoyment of what we do.

Tango Café takes the form of an informal demonstration, with stories, specially selected musical examples and physical embodiment of what we hear. The ideal audience arrangement is cabaret-style: small tables, candlelight, and a glass of wine, with space for couples to dance if they would like to during the evening.

We travel through time from the tangos of the early 20th century to present-day orchestras and singers, and the focus can be specially adapted to your group. There is also a ‘Introduction to Tango’ version which can act as a first taste of tango music for people who are taking their very first classes!


Over the last few years I have developed a programme of short solo pieces which can be presented in the ‘exhibición’ space of a milonga, and combined with a more conventional tango performance with a local dancer/organiser.

The solos include choreographic collaborations, improvisations which continue my exploration between tango and contemporary dance, and an interactive work-in-progress.

This is an unusual offering in a milonga but has worked really beautifully; please get in touch if you have any questions!

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